Kerikeri, Rainbow falls, last day

Today I’m going to visit a waterfall. I’ve heard about rainbow falls many times now and it’s not far away from the camp so let’s have a look.

The path start next to the river, under the bridge. It’s quite near to the town’s center but It’s already so green everywhere and it’s look like, sometimes like rain forest.

The track is not available for bicycle so I have to handle it with a furious envy to ride :-) This little road is so nice! Just perfect for riding but not!…

…the panel said “no bike” grrr! Ok ok ok I understand…

Along the path, I discover some oranges trees. They certainly belong to a private farm somewhere so I don’t want to touch it but they look hmmm! If I remember it’s wasn’t writing anything about fruit picking onto the panel, maybe I could just take one or two or three or No! I can’t do that! Let’s continue finding the rainbow.

Hmm, I thing i’m finally reaching my goal, the noise becomes stronger.

Do that quickly man, I getting wet!

I would like to see one of them one day…

The rainbow falls from the left and without any rainbow…hmhm ok… And where is it? Maybe with these bloody kiwi?

Maybe I should move little bit faster because something will append…

Finally I came back no the same track and continued no the other side to reach the “Kerikeri’s bassin”. There is some very old houses and the place is really cute.

With the sunset, the colours are getting better to take nice pictures:-).

I don’t know who has had this idea but it’s a very good place to have a seat:-)

It’s beautiful, quite, peaceful, just the right place to have a rest.

It was a really good day :-)

5 thoughts on “Kerikeri, Rainbow falls, last day

  1. Yep yep I’m getting slowly lightly browny :-) The sun is hot but not to hard, just perfect to my skin. I’ll be black this summer after that good preparation ahah:-).
    Hey Marisa, yep all is good now and I hope it will continue like this. See you soon:-)

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