Kerikeri, Puketi forest with Peter (56km, 4h)


Today is my fist day off and Peter invited me to visit Puketi forest by bike. Why not :-), here we go! At the beginning the road was quite normal but rapidly we rode in the sand and then the mud and then a pause was necessary.

The Puketi panel, ok we are not lost ouf!

The sand road in the forest, quite good.

oh oh it’s getting really mudy and slipery.

my bike was clean…

We almost mist this part of our ride, it would have been really a pity. Those trees are huge!

And this one… Fiou! This “kauri” tree is something like 800 years old and some other trees like this one can live until 4000 years! The trunk can reach 4 or 5m of diameter Ouch!

During our way back to Kerikeri We’ve seen some free cows passed slowly across the road.

Ok, we have the number 369. Hummm! strange number (3, 3+3, 3+3+3). I think it a sign but witch one? And the yellow stick shows almost “6 7 8 9” in order… That’s really strange too. This picture has something mystic I think. Maybe this cow is special, no like the others. hhahaa

4 thoughts on “Kerikeri, Puketi forest with Peter (56km, 4h)

  1. Hello :)

    Wouah it’s so beautiful. Is it a rain forest ? Have you seen tigers and big snakes there ?? So you have finished to work in landscaping, how long is going to be your trip to extreme north island ? What are you going to do there ? Working again ?
    I’ve not posted any messages for the week because we went on vacation with Marie to Venosc winter sports station. It was really nice to ride down mountains by bicycle and to walk through beautiful mountains landscapes !!
    I’ve seen the big camping cat in your previous posts, is it nice ?
    So, we hope to have some news from you soon ! and that your new Zealand trip keeps going great.

    See ya !


  2. No rain forest, no tigers or snakes sorry Max.
    I’m going to the north of the north tomorrow but it will take me 5 day at least.
    The cat is very nice yeah :)
    see ya too

  3. wouaaaaahh il est incroyable cet arbre !!!!!
    et je confirme que cette photo de vache qui pose avec ses ptites pattes arrière telle une top modèle a quelque chose d’étonnant et d’étrange !!!! avec sa tache en pointe entre les yeux ..

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