Kerikeri, last day of work. I’m in holiday now :-)

These two last weeks passed very fast and I worked every day. Maybe now I will take time to visit around haha. I heard about “Rainbow falls” and “Puketi forest”, good places to visit. So finally, we continued planting palms trees, edges, flours, the job didn’t change for sure but now, every morning, I feel pain to my hands, I can’t move my fingers. It’s like when we play handling a stick very strongly for one minute and after that it’s difficult to open our hand. It’s not horrible but I’ve never felt my hands like this. All the entrance of the district is almost finish. A truck came with the main door but they just did some adjustments and went back with. Rah! I would like to see all this place finished before I leave and take a great picture of our job:-). This job was interesting and physically difficult but now I know some landscaping tips :-). Next time I would like to learn how to build a wood house. In fact, kiwis, like Australian people, like to use wood to realise the main body of the house.

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