Johor > Singapore (53km)


My first day in Singapore! The day started like normal. I knew I had to deal with the immigration. It even became a bit complicate and annoying. Finally I got in and the first sight was not really positive. It was industrial or there was high buildings everywhere. When I got closer to Singapore city centre I’ve discovered special tracks for bicycle and even an old railway that became the “Greenway” or “Green Corridor” which runs more than 10km. I was cycling through the city and could only occasionally hear traffic or see building. I’ve ended in a park where I slept.



Back to this morning :-) Yesterday, I’ve set up the tarp because I thought it would rain but it didn’t.


On one side I did not have any spot where to pitch the ropes so I used full water bottles. I’m proud of my “invention” :-)


View from the other side.


Then I’ve been cycling on another highway that leads to Singapore.


There is few people today…


Once I’ve passed the first queue, there is a second one. This time this is the Singapore immigration.


I knew I did something wrong! This morning I followed the other motorcyclists and everyone passed through the Malaysian immigration without stopping. I did not know why but I did not see anybody as well to tell me if I was right or no. When I got to Singapore border, the guy looked at my passport several time and then called someone. Ho, nooo what I’ve done wrong… Later, another guy explained to me that I did not get the stamp out of Malaysia so I cannot come in Singapore and actually I could not even come back to Malaysia or anywhere. Just because the Malaysian team let people in every morning because they are mostly workers and have a special card. Maybe there was one counter opened but I did not see it. Plus, I had pressure from the hundreds scooters coming behind. So here I am, back in Malaysia. The police from Singapore gave me a paper to be shown to the Malaysian immigration to explain my situation. So I could come in fortunately! Now I hesitate to go back… The thing is if I get to Singapore I could catch a ferry on its east side and visit the east side of West Malaysia by staying on small roads. Now I’ve got something for lunch.


Ok, I will try another time. I hope they will accept me this time because I have to “stamps in” for Malaysia and only one “out” so I’m sure the Singapore immigration will think it’s strange.


Let’s go!

I knew it! I got to the Malaysian immigration and had to wait 5 minutes before the guy gave me the famous “stamp out”. This morning, the other side of the Malaysian immigration kept the paper signed by Singapore immigration that explained my simple case. So I got in trouble again. Then I got to the Singapore border and the guy did not let me in because of those stamps and because I did not have any hotel booked neither a flight. But I’m cycling! I don’t know where I will be tonight. My lifestyle is not compatible with that strict model of being in holiday for a fixed period of time. I’m free, this is the big difference.


I had to go to another office where they took my finger print twice and asked me the same questions. They make people feel guilty when there is nothing wrong. I just want to visit your country. But I’m cycling… A woman asked me if she could have a look to my bike which was outside. “what’s in?” Sleeping bag, tent (to stay simple) mattress, water, clothes, electronic. She did not want me to open my bag and I came back in the office to wait again. It took a good 40 minutes and finally I was free to go! After I’ve quit the immigration office, I had to pass through the customs… Every single motorcyclist opened his bag and at that time I thought I would have to do the same except that I would have to stop on the side and take some time to show everything. So I anticipated and said to the guy where I could stop to open my bag. The guy hesitated a second and then said “it’s ok you can go”. What? That easy?! I don’t understand that system… Anyway, I’m in Singapore and I can stay 90 days, far too long to visit that tiny place.


I try to head west first to see what’s happening on this side of the island but so far there is roads, concrete and trees.


Lot and a lot of buildings like these on the right hand side.


It’s all clean, all new, all modern. I won’t be happy to live here.


wider view.


I’m looking for an internet connection. I thought I could use my Malaysian sim card but it’s not the case. Singapore is totally a different country as small as it is. I did not realise this until today. At least I’ve learned something today :-) Being a island, the place is limited so optimised. The metro runs upwards.


The cycles are packed on top of each other. It’s all very organised here.


There is a McDonald’s here but they don’t provide wifi. And to get the public Wifi I need a Singapore phone number. Rah! I hope it will work at libraries but I must find one first :-) I found a place where I could change some money as well. One SIN dollar is almost the same as one AUD dollar. Easy to convert though but expensive here!


So I keep cycling around the place.


Easy to believe that this area is new: Building, grass, path, grass, road. One again, very organised.


Each series of building has its own color: red on one side, dark red on the other side.


You have the blue ones too.


Or purple…


Even yellow. This is impressive how many new buildings there is here.


And it’s a bit scary too. Like we say in France, “rabbit cage”. You can fit a lot of rabbits here! New Zealander’s don’t like rabbits too much. They kill them!


Ah for the one who like more classy colours, there is the grey series.


And there are building more and more!


I keep going towards the city centre. Actually Singapore is the name of the country (a set of few islands) and it’s the name of the capital. Well from what I can see on a map. Here I’m coming to Bukit Batok, a town or a district of Singapore?


A Chinese temple.


A closer look at one of those building.


I’ve found some different parks even cycle trail.


A lake natural lake in the middle of the city.


And its quiet path.


The road is quite hidden from here.


There is green building here :-)


Still in town but not exactly :-)


PCN means Park Connection Network. I like that :-)


This is the first connection.


Lucky me, I was visiting another park which was closed actually. When I was ready to continue my way I’ve seen a path head up to a bridge. When I had a look, I’ve seen that! That’s cool!


This is behind me. Obviously I’m not at the beginning of it but I can see how far it’s going.


I’ve done a kilometre maybe and there is still a kind of track. I keep going.


This is where I come from.


Some interesting house over there.


Another piece of reminder. We are on a railway :-)


Wow! this is really countryside here but I know the city is not far.


This is more a residential area here.


Oh, can see some buildings right there. Ah yes, I’ve forgot I’m in a city :-)


Discovering some nice graffs under bridges.


Happy Birthday Lauren. Why not.


Another series of multi-coloured buildings.


And I continue the track.

DSCF2252Now there is an highway on the right hand side so it’s becoming noisy.


I’ve seen a lot of people running and cycling until now but now no one…


I understand why, the track ends here! like this… No warning… I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an exit.


Finally I could find my way out easily even it the exit was not an official one. I’m now on Mount Faber and it’s very hilly! I need a shower!


The endless city…


A Merlion statue. In Singapore, it has become a marketing icon used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore – Wikipedia.


Last view for tonight.

Later on, I tried to sleep around the area but so many people were walking around and eventually I would be found. Then I’ve tried to get a bit in the bush but it did not work… It’s was too steep and too dusty. So I packed angrily everything and cycle down Faber Mount to find at least public toilets to have a shower. The application “Maps me” helped me a lot because I don’t have internet here. I could spot a public toilets in a pack not far away. Everything was open fortunately so I could wash myself and even some clothes and slept in the area. Few! what a day!

3 thoughts on “Johor > Singapore (53km)

  1. En effet quelle journée et que de photos différentes. Très ingénieux ton système “bouteille” ! Ah, c’est bien d’avoir de l’imagination … et pas le choix ! Il y a quand même un peu de nature à Singapour, je m’attendais à pire.

  2. Color sorting the building is good idea, making it easier to find their house instead of having a number on the side of the building.
    I can’t live there…. lucky I live close to the nature.

  3. Damien – Mt faber has a nice view to offer, especially at night. Toilets in Singapore are generally ok but most lack shower facilities. I am wandering how you would over-come the recent Haze?

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