Jalan Parit Sikom > Johor (64km)


Last night was ok, I slept dry. Today is another story. I’m approaching Singapore and before that the city of Johor. I tried to get as much as possible off the busy road but at some point if I want to go forward a bit I had to do some compromise. Actually cyclists are allowed to be onto those roads, it doesn’t seem right.



This morning I continue cycling on quiet roads. The bitumen is new and the traffic low. That’s good.


There is still palm oil trees farm all around.


I’m now situated in Pekan Nanas a medium city from where the trouble could start.


Effectively, shortly after I’ve quit the city centre, I’ve started cycling on a kind of highway.


This place is only industrial.


Big advertising panels demonstrate the future project. I might not be suitable for poor people.


And another one.


All these house look the same. I don’t know if I would like to here somewhere like here…


Later on, I could finally find a way out of this highway and I stopped in a petrol station. I took a shower, wash and dry some clothes :-)


Then I found a Chinese restaurant where I stayed few hours. I worked a bit on my blog and waited until the temperature got cooler.


It’s now passed 4pm and I’m back on this crazy road.


Fortunately the side of the road is wide enough.


Malaysia in some cases does not better than Indonesia…


Come on!


Few! this is Johor on the background.


I’m going to have to follow this road until the end apparently.


I’ve never ever seen any sign that indicates Singapore but always Kuala Lumpur even if it’s like 400km from here. It seems that Malaysia doesn’t like Singapore.


Johor, final destination of today.


Don’t know what it is. There was the same kind of “door” when I was in Bali, close to the ferry station to get to Java.


This is Jalan strait view but I cannot see any view.


I’m in good and certainly expensive district now. There is big houses, clean and tidy. I don’t feel I am in Malaysia anymore.


All those lights are own by food shops. The place looks expensive so I won’t stop here.


This is where I stopped, rah nooo! This is so bad I know. On the right hand side, where there is the trees, there a river which follows this road. Between the river and what I believe is a paintball are, there is a nice thin area with two useful trees for me :-) Tonight I will sleep there :-)

3 thoughts on “Jalan Parit Sikom > Johor (64km)

  1. Retour à la civilisation dis moi !! Pas folichon le paysage urbain. Constructions à tout va, et pas jojos ! On dirait Port Fréjus nouvelle ère ! Lol. Bon, j’espère que tu vas trouver ce quoi installer ton hamac dans tout ce béton.

  2. Cities are always look similar and a kind of boring unless you need to do shopping….
    Have you changed the setting of the blog? I am having a little problem like I had to click multiple times to do one thing….

  3. The signboard “Woodlands” is Singapore. When you enter Singapore, you would exit Johor via the causeway and enter Woodlands,Singapore.

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