South Batu Pahat > Jalan Parit Sikom (69km)


The last night was better and the spot I found was very quiet. This morning I could see the squirrels jumping from tree to tree or running so fast along the trunks. I packed everything and was on the road. Today again, I stayed on that main secondary road most of the time. I expected to find a pharmacy somewhere to buy more stuff for my wounds. Then I came back on tiny roads and enjoy a local drift event before I found a my new spot for the night. That was a good varied day :-)



Let’s go back in time early this morning.


This was my garden for the night.


This road is so quiet.


And even more quiet :-)


I’ve reached Rengit.


Oh, I might be able to find a pharmacy here. Effectively, I found what I wanted but the explication from the local clinic was not very helpful…


I’ve left Rengit and found this warung place where I will stay for the next 4 hours or so. Soon after I arrived, these clouds appeared.

And few minutes later, it was raining like “cats and dogs” as the english say. I’ve had some lunch and did some research online. I must know where I’m going because If I want to go to Singapore for few days, I need to know how I can enter there and where can I sleep? The first one because often, it’s an highway that comes in cities so it’s not for me, and second point because hostel or three times more expensive than Malaysia. Normally I don’t need any visa to enter.


It’s time to review my leg :-)


Three wounds because of my pedal. Actually it happens when I walk and push the bike.


The last one from the chair in the Victor’s backpacker. In France, I would not bother about something like this, It would heal by itself. But here, the heat and the moisture in the air make things more difficult.


Another break at a petrol station…


My bike, still with me :-)


Yesterday was the national day in Malaysia but it seems to last longer than just one day. I’ve seen so many cars (even scooters) with big flag like this one.


Another kind of Rambutan that I bought this morning. Actually I stopped to buy some and the woman offered me straight away some bananas. Thanks!


Like the other one, you open it very easily by pitching it and oooh, like a litchi inside :-) This is the same family.


Nope, this is not eatable.


I’ve turned off the main road again.


On the left, banana trees.


On the right hand side, palm oil trees.


I like this kind of tiny quiet roads.


I’m reaching another secondary road and will turn right.


If you don’t believe me yet, this is the proof I’m well in Malaysia :-)


Even the rocks can prove it!


In lots of places now, I’ve seen those “1” with Malaysian colours onto it.


Soon after I was cycling on this secondary road.


Nothing like this would be allowed in France. I mean, not this way. We would have fence everywhere and I could not be able to enter that easily like I did.


Those cars looks olds but the engine shouts!


There is maybe 20 cars which participate to this local event.


This one was crazy.


Half broken car hahaa


The passenger is smoking like they are cruising.


The noise of this one was crazy. It like the engine was going to collapse anytime.


This guy needs a bit more training though but I would not do half of what he is doing haha.


This guy was good too.


I like the fat tires :-)


Don’t touch the cone, don’t!


One of the best.


Good drifter ;-)


Good style though :-)


This guy has the same car (at least the outside) and he was the best I’ve seen.


Few millimetres but the tire doesn’t touch!


Malaysian day :-)


A spare wheel?


Few! that was full of noise and pollution but once in a while it’s ok. I’m back on the road and maybe will do some night cycling. The weather is perfect as the temperature.


Hmmm, maybe I won’t cycle that far…


This opened public building seems perfect for a dry night.


Right in the center, on this wall, there is a electric plug. On the right hand side, toilets (and shower), in the center two poles so I can set up a clothes line. This is the perfect spot :-)

Shortly after I arrived neighbours came back home. I went straight to them and present myself. I asked if I could sleep here and they said there was no problem. Good! Then the man walked in. I thought he was going to play with his son but he reached that left door and turned on the light… Heu, no…, that was not the plan… I came here silently, tried to hide myself or at least be discreet and now there is three bright lights on me. I said to the guy I was okay to stay in the dark (and it’s easier for sleeping right?) so he switched off the light again. But thank you :-)

The next mission was to wash my clothes (again) using my backpack as a bucket. Then taking a shower, changing my bandages and finally sleep. Between that time, two guys came in. What’s happening again? I’m agree it’s a public place here but why now? tonight? when it was so quiet. Fortunately, the guys stayed 10 minutes and left. Now, I can sleep :-)

2 thoughts on “South Batu Pahat > Jalan Parit Sikom (69km)

  1. Oh oh ! Une exhibition automobile … Quelque chose me dit que pour une fois tu aurais préféré être dans une des voitures que sur ton vélo, même pour quelques minutes seulement. Non ?
    Ces paysages de campagne sont très sympas. La Malaisie semble plus propre que l’Indonésie, et c’est tant mieux ! Mais du coup les gens moins proches aussi.

  2. Je pense que le pantalon s’impose quand tu pousses ta machine pour ne pas te blesser encore. Dixit Patricia pour panser tes blessures : “Argile verte et huile essentielle Ti Tree”, pour activer la guérison.

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