Havelock > Picton (41km, 2h30)

Today, I’m heading east towards Picton. I would like to meet Jude and Denis again. We met them with Josianne 5 months ago in Anakiwa when we were going to ride the Queen Charlotte track. The day we left, the couple told us that we could come back and see them again before leaving South island. Their place is right on my way to Picton so I will be glad to see them again and say goodbye. But before all that, now, the day starts with an hill, a good warm up :-)



Ouh! This morning is freezing cold!

All the grass is frozen. Brr!

I came back to the city centre and I’ve realised that there is free wifi here.

Then I’ve also realised that it’s warmer inside :-)

The city centre though a Telecom cabin.

OK, I’m ready to hit the road. This is the place where we turned down south with Josianne. So last time we were coming from the left and turned left. Now I’m going to turn left and follow the same road again 5 months sooner.

Perfect weather today :-)

Havelock from an higher point of view.

And this is “Cullen point lookout”.

Nice general view from here :-)

I’m going down now.

The sounds again, as beautiful as last time.

Funny mailbox.

I’m much faster than I expected because I’m already close to Anakiwa, the place where Jude and Denis live.

I remember this place. This is my first campsite in south island. I will let my bike here and go up to their house.

That’s their house. Look at the view they have!

What a pity! They are not home. I met some friend of them who told me they left 2 hours ago. They are on their way to Australia for holidays. I wrote a letter for them. They will read it later.

Rah! Just for 2 hours I missed them!

I came back on the road and found this nice place again where, for the first time again, I’ve been in the water (pushed mentally by Josianne ;-). Today there is absolutely nobody here.

I discovered that there is some showers! 4$ cool :-)

A good place for lunch :-)

In Motueka I bought some cheese. That was a looong time I didn’t have some.

Some more Afghans cookies like every time.

Those cookies are like drug for me.

I love them :-)

I’m on a bench next to the sea, under the sun and that Telecom cabin their gives me Wi-Fi again! I have some email to respond to :-)

That was a good break and I’m ready to continue now.

This place is wonderful!

Whouaouuu! :O

Ah, I know I’m not so far from my final destination now :-)


Tomorrow I’m gonna be onto this harbour to catch my ferry.

Tonight I’m going to sleep next to this cemetery. There is a large piece of lawn at the end of this road and it will be perfect for me.

Visiting the small city again.

The port.

The beach.

And the park. And it’s already dark enough to come back to the cemetery. Tomorrow, north island!

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