Glenduan > Havelock (67km, 4h30)

This morning is a nice surprise! Maybe it has snowed the passed couple of days because those mountains are well covered. And the sunrise enhances this wonderful landscape! It’s marvellous! :-)



Yes, it’s really nice.

This is the place where I slept last night. I was kind of facing everybody, just hidden by these high bunch of plants down there. I packed early to avoid any problem. It’s so cold now! Something like 3.5°. I can’t feel my hands again…

I’ve passed Hira and I’m on my way to reach Whangamanoa saddle. Since the beginning the temperature didn’t rise above 10°. It’s a cold day today.

Fiou! One more hill done :-)

I’ve definitively passed the hardest part of the day.

Hmmm I’m going to have a looong break to feel warmer. Today I’ve got couscous with mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and “herbes de Provence”.

I’m also taking the time to update my electric system. It should be rainproof now. I was wondering if my system was still waterproof and might fail soon. It should do it for a little while.

One more mailbox :-) That’s against tax men who won’t dare to give them any letter ;-)


More country side ;-)

Havelock! Already! I didn’t expected to arrived here as fast! but… OK…

And one more nice blue house :-)

The port.

That’s it :-) I’ve now finished turning around the South Island! From now, I’ve already done the road to Picton on the opposite way when I was cycling with Josianne 5 month ago. We headed down south from this city and now I’m here again, strange feeling. I’m going to visit around to find a place for tonight :-) see ya!

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