Motueka > Glenduan (70km, 4h)

Today I’m continuing moving towards Picton. The weather is okay now but I won’t be surprised if I will finish under the rain.




This morning starts by a beautiful rainbow. With the clouds onto its “feet” it’s remind me Bisounours world haha :-)

I’ve slept one more time in a park next to a kind of lake.

I’m now on the road riding along another lake.

Arrived around Richmond after a bad portion of road, I appreciate to have a cycle road for me.

Yes, better than the big main noisy road :-)

Now between Richmond and Nelson onto a cycling coast way I’m pretty sure I will get rain before I arrive to my place.

Nelson! Good style :-)


A green city?

Getting better or not?

The port.

Those rocks have a sharp shape, straight and dark.

As every time there is so many big houses everywhere.

Ah, without the truck it’s better.

Nice colours but dangerous sky…

Others stylish houses.


A wharf.

The city center of Nelson is a bit inland. I’ve got enough time toviit it a bit.

I didn’t see many time a city centre with trees along the street.

Shops, bank and shops.

Ouuuh, it’s getting dark.

But beatiful sunset again.

I was cycling on the main road and I couldn’t find a place to stay. Finally I turned left towards the sea, expected to avoid the main traffic but the same problem was still there. Impossible to find a good place. All around there was fences and houses.
I was ready to turn back when the perfect place popped to me :-) a park! A small one but a park. I had just the time to pitch my tent and put everything I need inside when the rain started. Ouf, lucky!