Picton > Wellington (by ferry)

Today is the day. The day I quit definitively south island to come back to the north. The weather is fantastic and I hope it will be still the same up there and a bit warmer because this morning… glaglagla!


For one time my tent is right on the sunshine :-) it’s nice because everything is frozen!

My MTB tires.

My spool battery.

My power station.

My bag…

Even the cemetery!

South island goodbye. North island hello :-)

This morning I met Cyril and Valérie from Switzerland.They are cyclist as well and both of them have a trailer. We spent the time together on board until wellington. Nice to meet you guys :-)

We quit the sounds now.

South island. Plenty of souvenirs!

Islander ferry wants to pass over us. Come on blue bridge “envois la purée”!

Hey, that’s north island there :-)

Oh nooo! Islanders ferry is going to win the race. I understand why the price is a bit higher now ;-)

South + north + sunset = nice landscape!

Oooh yes :-)

It’s really cold outside even at the rear of the boat. With the sunshine it was okay but now…

I’ve let Cyril and Valérie go to their backpacker and I’m now wondering where I will sleep now. Matthieu and Charlotte told me something about a good place next to the ferry place but I’m barely remember where is it… bah! I’m not worried because I know I will find a place even if it’s in a tree! Shah :-)

By blue bridge, it was a pleasure ;-)

Hmmm well. They told me about a park. I chose the biggest one so I can hide myself in the middle and wake up early the morning.

haha :-D I’m now in the Newzealandia park and I was looking for a good quiet place when… 20 children with school teacher (maybe) are experiencing some night activities. I’ve let my bike on a place and I’m walking around. I’ve found THE place but it’s between my bike and them… and I don’t want to pass through the group because I’m sure the managers will understand easily my intentions to sleep here. It’s 6:30 pm, so I can eat something and wait for them to leave. They are divided in groups and each of them put some fluorescent objects onto the ground. They walk here and their with lights in hand. I do not understand anything about the game but they look like they love it. Sometimes they quickly glance at me, sitting down on my bench, eating pasta with chopsticks, alone in the dark. I think I frightening them but what can I do? I’m smiling when they put the light towards me but I’m not sure the result is better. I feel homeless. But I am in fact haha :-) This game is getting long… When are they going to leave? Come on guys, you should go home now. Aaah, finally I can reach my bedroom place :-P Reach it! Well… it won’t be my best place but should be okay for one night. It’s really not flat but I didn’t find something better. I will have to stick to my mattrees all the night if I don’t want to slip! Good night :-) Rah nooo, they came back! I can hear them. Why? I hope they won’t find my tent and me inside… bah! Doesn’t matter. I’m here now and I’m not gonna move. See ya!

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