Fox glacier, bloggy rainy day off

I didn’t take any pictures today because it was raining all the day. That’s the pictures of tomorrow which present the backpack. Tomorrow is sunny! I spent all my day front of the screen. I had to pay for internet (5$ > 24h). So, when I pay, I use it! And I went to bed at 4am because I would like to update all my posts until today before I leave Fox glacier. At least, I will try. So that’s the backpacker where I’m staying now. It’s a lovely place :-)

The reception.

The balcony. I’m in the last room, number 5 :-)

The view from the balcony.

The big kitchen. I really like the massive wood table.

The comfortable lounge with the fire place. So warm here!

The coloured corridor :-)

My personal bedroom, six bed only for me :-)

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