Fox glacier, visit around (19km, 1h)

It’s a wonderful day today and I can’t stay more inside. I will finish to update my blog later because now I want to visit two places : The glacier and lake Mathewson from where we are able to see Aoraki/Mt Cook. It s a long time now, I’ve seen the highest mountain of south island :-) And it’s a good opportunity as well :-) let’s go!

I expected to take the road but right at the exit of the city this panel invite me the take the cycle way, OK, OK, I’m agree, no worries.

I have a nice 4km ride in the bush.

And I join the road again.

And at the end the carpark.

Informations :-)

It’s that way :-)

I can see it from here already.

Zoom zoom

I’m going to pass papy and mamy and… Zzzziifiouuuuu! So fast!

The glacier!

From another point of view.

But still the same guy front of the picture.

Hey, some guys are walking on it.

It’s a guide tour certainly for at least 80$… Rah! I did it already in Iceland with Çağda. I let my turn :-)

I was waiting, expected that the glacier move but nothing. Lazy! So I’m now coming back to the carpark, get my bike and ride to Mathewson lake.

Those mountains are impressive.

And the layers are vertical. Normally it’s more horizontal no?

Come to the city by the cycle trail.

Fox glacier main street in Video!

After 6km, I’m reaching the lake. Or, at least there is the panel.

Directly from the carpark we can admire Aoraki.

The track starts (like very often) by the bush. It s about 1h30 to make the loop.

Oooh, it looks nice already.


Those mushrooms seams magic! I have to find what king of specimen are they.

There is many different lookout all around and that’s the one from the end of the lake.

This point of view is the best!

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