Fox glacier > Franz Joseph > Whataroa (68km, 4h10)

The west coast is like this : one day rain, one day sun, one day rain… But now, it’s a second day with sun! So I will have 2 days of rain later maybe… I will see. I’m going to start that day with 3 big hills to reach Franz Josef on the other side of that. Then it should be quite flat for the rest of the day.



My first picture AFTER the hilly 23km! I was concentrated and my camera waited in my bag until now :-) . I hesitated and then… OK I can also visit Franz Josef glacier. It’s 4km again to reach it, nothing impossible and it only 11am so let’s have a look.

That’s a look, OK let’s go back. I’m not motivating for a walk now and it’s the same as yesterday.

The city of Franz Josef.

I’m having my lunch and I will get ready for the rest of the day.

This is the lake Map.ourika :-)

And somebody is peeing in the water! Hey man! What…

Ah no he is fishing! haha

And another lake.

Nice weather today!

Oh, an Heron :-)

I like those trees.

Is it the same heron or another one?

Whataroa :-)

A active village. Some people are working on a school extent ion.

Some other are fixed electric cables.

And me I’m looking at them, eating chocolate and pasta haha :-)

I wanted to visits Maori museum.


I stayed maybe 1 hour in the city centre, just relaxing. Then I moved to find my spot for tonight. Only 4 km away, I found this place certainly okay for the night. There is ALWAYS a place somewhere, ALWAYS :-) see ya!