Whataroa > lake Mahinapua (90km, 5h05)

That’s another sunny day today and I’m going to the next lake, around 85km from here. It’s maybe a bad idea to look for every lake because of the mosquitos or sand-flies but I don’t know why, I need water. I feel good close to water, that’s it :-)



20km, first break :-)

After to have checked my map, there was a village with water and toilet. So, I have another break here :-) I met a couple from Australia as well. They saw my bike and invite me for a tea :-) They are in holiday for 3 weeks around south island. Nice people :-)

And I’m continuing my day trip from one lake to another.

And sometimes there is works in the road. Rah! My but! I don’t like this king of road and my bike either!

I quit the Tasman sea to reach it again later :-)

Ross. On of the city which was full of colon people 150 years ago because of gold.

I don’t know if it’s a house or a museum…

At least, good style :-)

Actually there is no wind but, I think, I’m not sure, sometimes, there is some. And, I think, it come from north west. It’s just a supposition… :-)

90km! The lake is finally here!

Whouooo! Am I going to enter in a magic world?

700m later…

Yeah! So nice!

Chips and L&P that’s the minimum I need after 90km!

The view from my temporary garden :-)

Pinky landscape! Marvellous! Good evening :-) I think I’m going to have a day off tomorrow just to enjoy the place a bit more.