Welcome flat hut > Coplan track (18km walk, 4h) > Fox glacier (26km cycle, 1h40)

Hey, yesterday I wanted to take a picture of the hot pools but the battery of my Gopro was empty just at the wrong time. This battery is so short! Maybe 40 minutes. Anyway, today, I’m going to walk down the same 18km and reach Fox glacier which is 26 km away from the star of the Coplan track.



Those pools are 20 cm deep so, it’s not cool. The other one is about 80cm, perfect to enjoy. But it was almost too hot ;-)

It’s raining since I’ve start walking and doesn’t seams to stopped.

After more than 3 hours walk without stopping, I think I’m getting close to the end. Bloody rain!

Like every time, I don’t enjoy taking picture when it’s raining because my camera is not waterproof and I don’t want to take picture so fast. I’m totally wet now. I’m swimming in my shoes. There is many rivers to cross at the end. The first one, I cared about the water and then I just walk in the water directly because it was easier and faster. Finally, I think my shoes are only rainproof… I’m not cold but I have to prepare myself and ride to Fox glacier now! There is a backpacker there and I will stay at least one night, clean my clothes, have a hot shower, oh yes!

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