Lake Paringa > Coplan Track (46km cycle, 2h15) > Welcome flat hut (18km walk, 5h)

Yesterday I met Chris, a guy from south Africa. He is in NZ since three weeks and he is going to do the Coplan track. This walkway inside the Southern Also is on my way so I’ve decided to do it has well :-) why not?! It’s 18km to reach a hut and we have to come back by the same way. The track looks much easier than the Hump ridge one. This time, I will tie my shoes!



I wake up at 7:00am this morning to be sure I will have enough time to ride 46km + walk to the hut.

The sun is coming and transform totally the scenery if the quiet lake Paringa.

As every morning, it’s cold! I need 15 minutes riding with one and to get warm and appreciate the fresh air.

I heard like zombies the cows through the fog but I can’t see them. Strange effect :-)

Then, the Tasman sea again. Now the sky is perfectly blue and I will certainly a good time during the track.

I’m close to my first goal.

It should be at the end of the road now.

Yes! Finally :-)

My bike is locked around the only available palm tree I found.

My backpack is full.

So, let’s go! 18km again :-)

Ouhaaa! As every track in NZ this one is like walking in a jungle!

That’s much easier now :-)

Normally, I should follow the river during all the day.

Unfortunately I’m walking in the shade.

And one swing bridge, one :-)

The bridge’s view.

A wall full of plants.

It’s not raining but it looks like. It’s really wet all around.

No no, I’m not lost :-)

Kea! And two! I didn’t expect to see those bird one day! I recognised the sounds they make before I’ve seen them. That’s better to see them here than in a cage. This is the kind of Alps parrot, unique in NZ and in the world. And they love rubber. I should pay attention because I’ve got a big red backpack looking like a big piece of rubber. They could attack me, I don’t know haha :-)

Oooh, the clouds a coming down. Chris told me this morning that it should be raining tomorrow…

In action :-)

Don’t move please, I’m passing now.

One of the multiple rivers we can see here.

This is a looong and high swing bridge this time.

The bridge’s view.

The adventurer haha :-)

Coplan track video part 1!

Coplan track video part 2!

Coplan track video part 3!

Coplan track video part 4!

Coplan track video part 5!

Coplan track video part 6!

5 hours later, the Welcome flat hut! Fiou!

I didn’t booked the hut tonight and there is 31 bunks. We should be 7 tonight so it should be OK.

I will have a good night :-)

I’ve kept during all the day my last wonderful cookie. It was hard to resist but I did it. Now hmmm! So nice!

We are located in a valley.

Larger view.

Still along the river.

Last sight of the sun for today.

Finally, I moved outside. There was more and more people and I’ve read a panel that if you don’t booked, you must pay 15$ of fess. OK, the tent :-)

Yo :-)

Ah, some colours are still there.

Also the sun!

Looks like Batman is coming haha :-)

Sky on fire!


Hmmm, OK, it’s dark enough and it’s time to enjoy the hot pot. Yes! There is naturals hot pools next to hut. 37, 39 and 42°. That’s awesome to finish that day! See ya :-)

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