Lake Paringa, rainy day off

Rah! This guy I met yesterday onto the knights point lookout was right. Since 6am it’s raining and it should continue all the day… Fortunately I’ve god some book to read because my battery’s tablet is almost empty.

I’m collecting water so I can make as many tea as I want :-)

It’s still raining and I’ve got a problem. My tent is damaged and I can repair it now because it’s wet… I just hope the rain won’t touch the inside layer because I could swim in my tent…

Pfff, messy day.

Rah! And so many sandflies are waiting for me to unzip the door. They look hungry.

I’m going to kill all of them if I want to sleep.

Hey, I’ve preparing another hot soup and it’s like a hammam here now. Hope tomorrow will be fine!

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