Doubtful Sound, second day trip + Te Anau > camp site (62km, 3h15)

Ouhaaa! We had a good peaceful night and I could sleep 2 hours more but the boat has to be ready for the next group and they told us that If we stayed longer in the bed they we come and do the bed with us inside! I didn’t want to try so wake up! It’s 7:30 :-)

Now sunrise :-)

Cool :-)

We feel so small in those landscapes

See you later Tasman sea.

Please, no rain!

Aaah, thanks :-)

It’s called… shuuut!

(Whispering) …called silence sound.


Hey :-)

One of the crew woman is explaining to us how those trees can live onto those rocks. It’s a long process. Before the moss develop itself on the rocks and then a long time later grass, then bush, then trees.

Modern art shot :-)

Last picture of Doubtful sound!

Then, we came back with Wenshan to the backpacker in Te Anau to get our stuff. We were a bit lost, certainly so free. Wenshan decided to go to Invercargill because she heard about the kindness of the people there. Me, I’m going to Milford sound and then I will see. I need two days to go there but I won’t cycle on the steep road. I will certainly hitch hike for the last part.


So, let’s go. The weather is perfect :-)

That’s lake Te Anau there :-)

The road is really cool!



Roooh! This valley is great!

This lake is called “mirror lake” but they put duck on it so when I came the ducks were afroad, normal. Then it’s not a mirror lake anymore…

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