Camp site > Milford Sound (return) (80km, 4h30)

I’m on the way to Milford sound today. I let my tent and some stuff to the doc campsite to be as light as possible and make my way up easier. I’m on the top of the first big hill and the next one, to reach the tunnel, is much higher. Should be OK :-)


Mountain landscape.

The road :-)

The air is fresh and it’s nice.

I’ve finally reached the tunnel entrance and let my bike close to. I’m spreading my stuff everywhere. My tent is 40km behind me and my bike will be 6km as well. But NZ is safe and it’s pleasant. I’ve hitchhiked and a German couple picked me up after 10 minutes Max.

I’m now in Milford sound!

That’s certainly one of the “Real journey” boat company.

And almost the same picture again.

There is the port on the other side. I should have a look.

I should have visited Milford sound before Doubtful sound because it’s less expensive. But at least I see the landscape with another weather.

Blue sky? No… Hallucination…

I’m turning around the place to reach the port.

I’ve seen that already.

A passage in a bush.

The port waiting for the new passengers.

The wharf.


Doubtful sound heuuu no, Milford sound.

I had o only 45 minutes to visit the place and I’m now hitchhiking again to come back get my bike and ride the 40km to my tent.

This time, a Taiwanese couple picked me up. There are working both for the police service in Taiwan :-) I’m safe.

That’s the tunnel! One kilometre more and I will ride again. .

Last shot of the cloudy Milford sound! Bye!

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