Doubtful Sound, first day trip

Here we are! The first day off our Doubtful sound trip :-) it’s going to be amazing! The weather is not to bad and we will pass the night on the boat and we should do some kayaking today or tomorrow :-)

The bus picked us at 10am to Te Anau and we are now in Manapouri waiting for the first boat.

Are you okay Wenshan?

It’s dark but at least Wenshan is smiling :-)

We have quit Manapouri and we are now on the Manapouri lake on the way to the Manapouri power station. Understand? :-)


West view.


Inside view. This boat is a fast modern one but the next one is going to be much better :-)

Front view.



The power station is somewhere front of us.

The boat his slowing down. There us something to see next to the reef.

A rock… I didn’t listen the commentaries… It’s not serious!

When it’s raining, there is certainly a big waterfall.

I’m not sure it’s something really interesting to take picture of rock but… I did it also haha :-)

We are coming very soon!

Ah yes, there is the port, really small one.

What are they shooting?

The manapouri power station of course! Opened in 1971 the power station have cost 135M$ to build it and then 200M$ to create a second tunnel and finally 100M$ for the half refurbishment. The maximum capacity is 850MW limited by the lake. There is two long tunnel going down too deep cove where we will get on the next boat. The lake Manapouri’s elevation is 177,8m. Thanks wikipedia :-)

Arrived, everybody get out now!

Who is French here?

Next step the bus.

Really difficult to take picture from this shaker but the road is amazing. There is only few road inside the fiordland and we are onto on of them :-)

Deep cove. Where the water from the Power station goes out and where our boat is waiting.

I dezoom and… Oh! So many tourists! Magic!

How to put two buses in one boat? Tetris party!

We are now at the bottom of deep cove, almost!

That’s the beast!

First steps toward our rooms :-)

Hey, looks good :-)

Four people in each rooms and we are 3 French in this one haha!

Come back on the main lounge to discover what? Chocolate muffins! How many pockets do I have?

It’s luxurious here.

OK, sit down and eat :-)

After been full we can visit around.

We are going to move soon!

The captain’s place.

That’s now a 1 hour kayaking session inside the fiord land. Hmmm I recognise this person…

Hey Wenshan!

In action :-)

Hop! The two security boat are in their original place.

It’s smell so good and we are so hungry already!

It’s not dinner time yet so we have plenty of time to enjoy the visit :-)

Wenshan :-)

The Tasman sea is getting close!

We are jut in time for a beautiful sunset and we should be able to see seals as well.


So beautiful!

I like this one.

The sun!

Yep, so nice :-)

Video of dolphins

The place is quite windy and cold now.

Take care Wenshan :-)

Surprising colours!

Panoramic view!

This kind of time is definitively the best to catch good colours.

Difficult to make a choice with all that beautiful landscapes. That’s why I’m so late! Every post is bigger than the preview one!

So nice.

There are seals onto that rock but it’s difficult to see them through the picture.


Another try…


Cloudy sunset.

It s getting coloured behind us.

It s cold but we enjoy so much!

Sky is on fire!

Better :-)

haha :-) I like this picture! Funny smiling face Wenshan ;-)

Reddish colours.

Yes I’m the photographer tonight :-)

Last one.

No, last one…

The boat is now going to his campsite place for the night.


and soon, we are going to eat!

And we are not the only one to be hungry if course :-)

Enjoy your meal :-)

Wenshan’s plate.

Mine. So full but I wanted to try everything :-)

After the dinner I came to my room to get my camera when I heard in the speakers “dessert is ready” what? There is a dessert? I’m going to explode but I must try it. That’s not serious…
See ya tomorrow! Good night!

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