Te Anau, visiting with Whenshan

We have just left the “Real Journey” centre with Wenshan where we bought our ticket for one overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound! I’m excited to do that together because it will be certainly a great experience :-). And we are lucky because we are in off season since one week. When I was in Queenstown, I asked the price for one day cruise to for the same place and it was 270$! But then, today we’ve paid 254$ for two! Isn’t that nice? Yes it is! Tickets in our pockets, we are now ready for a visit because the trip is going to start tomorrow morning at ten o’clock. The lake Te Anau looks smooth and quiet this morning.

Aaah, autumn is coming, we can clearly see that now :-)

Te Anau lake again.

This house is so isolated now and in 10 years there will be so many around. I will come back to see that.

Tomorrow we will somewhere inside that deep forest :-)

Tonight, I’m going, finally, to sleep in the same backpacker of Wenshan. Yes because I could come back easily to my free place but it’s not really nice for her. And we can chat and cook together tonight :-) So, I’m going to pay 29 box for one night, gloups! But I’m not going to regret this because it’s for a good thing. Tomorrow the adventure stars at 10 o’clock! Nice :-) see ya!

One thought on “Te Anau, visiting with Whenshan

  1. Splendid pictures Damien !

    Est super les vidéos à la GoPro. Je vais en acheter une aussi ;-) Non je plaisante !! Ah j’ai hate de voir ton aventure de deux jours. Ca consiste en quoi ? I will see in your next blog update !

    See you :)

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