Cooktown, day off

Bah, Cooktown is nice, I can stay another day. I’m not in hurry and I would like to use internet before I start my loop back to Cairns. I certainly need another week to finish my first visit.

Rah! I didn’t check carefully and this picture is blur… I’m in the information center and there is a guest around this place…

… a big green frog! 7 or 8 centimeters long. It’s quietly sleeping on this chair but later a man came with his family and he flashed it with his camera… no respect!

It’s almost 4 o’clock now and I’m having a BBQ :-) Hmmm I’m so hungry!

I’m full now and I came back to the free campsite. The temperature is perfect and it’s nice here.

I like because 20 meters away from where I’m staying people pay to be in a campsite… why?

There is toilets in this park over there. That’s the minimum we need. The rest is adventure! :-D

No? See ya!

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