Cooktown, visit around

Long day today and I’m going to spend few hours to write everything I think but let’s go. Firstly I didn’t sleep well last night because it was so hot! And even if I was hide behind a tree, it was really easy for any ranger or policeman to find me. Nothing appended but well, it could be.

This morning I’ve packed my tent and the rest of my stuff in 10 minutes (world record ;-) and I came back in the same place where I met Hane, Pam, Jerry and Tom. I didn’t take any picture of the place yesterday so I started with that picnice area this morning. It’s nearly 7am.

I prefer this one but there is a bloddy panel right on the middle. Photoshop could help me…

I had a good breakfast and I’m now riding hmm… pushing my bike up to grassy hill. Hane told me to not go up there because it’s too steep. Why did he tell me this? Now I have to see that :-) When Captain Cook arrive around this area, he chose this hill to have a good point of view around.

I’m not onto the top yet but the view is already awesome. On my way up people encouraged me :-) and I met a guy I met yesterday at Black Mountain. Australia is so small in fact. I’m always met twice anybody here.

I don’t see anything but it’s alright.

The top of the top!

With the lighthouse of course.

And the details :-)

Nice colours! Nice sky!

All around the top there is those decorated tiles.

another one. There is plenty so 2 pictures are enough. The oldest date I’ve seen is 2006. Maybe Cooktown modernised the place that year and propose to anyone to draw or write what they wanted onto one tile. Good idea :-)

Poh poh poooh! This is NICE :-)

On the othet side : Cooktown. It’s nit big! The highest mountain on the left hand side it? Ta daaa! Mount Cook! again…

More tiles :-)

To many pictures to do today!

The Endeavour river mouth.

The main street of the town.

Any angle interesting.

Yes, I’m here :-D

There another track here and I’m going to visit it.

Hmm, OK it was just few metres long but the view is still wonderful.

The town center again.

The landscape in Video!

Down hill to the town center in Video!

Adelaïde street. One day I will be in Adelaïde the city :-)

Let’s have a lunch.

I’m not really organized now…

Today it’s pasta with tomato, carott and that’s all.

And a break :-)

It’s nice here.

You can recognise I’m in Australia just by looking at those dusty reddish caravans :-)

I’m going to find internet now to tell you I’m alive because since one week I didn’t had any opportunity to use it. I’m gonna have a look in the city centre… I will see if I find something…

I’ve found the library and they told me I should get internet to the Cooktown museum or in the i-site. Let’s try the musuem before.

Nice place but there is no wifi. Hmm, I can have a look in the musuem. It’s a long time I’ve been visit one now :-)

The entrance was 10$, it’s OK for my budget :-D
Nice game cards! I like the shape like this. When do we have decided to make them rectangle?

This canoe of New Guinea origin, was found washed up on a beach north of Cooktown in the 1970s. These canoes were often re-used by local indigenous people. Recycling! :-D

All the explication.

Chinese were in Australia before English people.

They arrived in 1873 when gold was discovered.

The anchor of the captain cook vessel.

The captain cook vessel itself (almost). I would love to have a boat like this as a home and travel everywhere :-)

“I had the ambition not obly to go farther that anyone had been before, but as far as it was possible for mango go” – Captain Cook.

This museum is small and nice.

This is some draw did by one of the teammate of James Cook. Maybe was the first time he/she drew a kangarou!

Left to right: Butter boat. OK I don’t know what does that Mean.Chinese and English self-educator.
Willie Forday lived with his family in Cooktown until 1915. Then they came back to China and mister raised a second family in Rockampton.

Certainly the first light house built onto grassy hill where I was this morning.

The view from the balcony :-)

A huge collection of objects found in the boat and in Cooktown a long time ago.

And more.

And more.

Knifes and pipe.

The dentist’s chair. I wouldn’t have to sit on it for any reason…

Tooth’s and replacment teethes. ‘Could be an original freezbe haha :-)


I did not find the explication panel but maybe it’s a representation of the Cook’s vessel.

There is a room about abirigene culture. This is some weapons.

A paint.

Zoom paint.

An finally some “coquillages”

And more.

Hey, ‘was nice :-) I’m now going to the main street to take more pictures of Cooktown.

It’s 4pm and still hot.

The main street.

Hotel, bar and restaurant.

Like everytime there is only 4WDin the streets.

I’m cruising along the river mouth and who are they over there? Pam and Hane :-D Looks like they just came back onto the Katamaran. I missed them of 10 minutes maybe, rah! Bad luck… youhouuu :-)

I’m continuing along.

This is the end of the road…

If somebody is interested :-)

I’m coming back on my steps. Some people are fishing and to of them mixed their line. Not really useful for catching fish.

The katamaran is now quiet. Are they sleeping al ready?

I didn’t read the panel but I think it’s a miner.

No fishing, no netting, no crabbing, nothing.

This is nice, walking heu, cycling along.

The shadows are getting longer and the colours interesting.

The sunset is coming soon!

I’m eating on a bench under the sight of James ;-) This man died at 51 years old. Short life.
Few minutes ago a guy walking on the opposite direction said “bonjour monsieur” with a very strong English/Australian accent but I don’t even know who is him… I’ve talk with many people on my way and this guy? Oups! …

Oooh :-)

Larger view.

Peaceful view.

And no sun view…
Tonight I’m coming back in the same place as last night because today I learnt that it a free camping area, cool! I will certainly sleep better than last night… if it’s not as hot as last night… bye!

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