Cooktown > Battle Camp Station (94km, 6h20)

Here we go! I was hesitating between riding back onto the Mulligan highway towards Lakeland but I’ve finally decided to do the road joining Laura. One more time, I’m extending my trip :-) Yesterday in the information center I’ve met somebody more interesting than Friday. The woman was a volunteer and she gave me much more details about the road I’m going to take. She indicated me where I can find water. This area is not really dangerous (about animals) but there is many cars. It’s okay.


I think, from today, I’m going to discover a small part of real Australia. Anytime along the road there is those sandy piles. There are made by hants I think. I would like to know how many time they need to build something like that!

With Google map, I’ve found a secondary road that follows roughly the highway. It’s nice but five minutes later there was this bridge…

Crossing the river I’m checking if there is any crocodiles around but nothing… Where are they?

The temperature is already around 30° and it’s good to have some trees alond the road.

Straight and hot!

Fiou! It straight!

A break under the last tree :-)

A look around.

I’m OK :-)

I was onto the railway avenue east road and I’m going to continue now to the west part of it. Until now Google is right.

Hmmm… Then I continued on the road until a place I could find on my screen captured map. And there is no name anywhere. I continue but I feel there is something wrong. Then the road takes me to a private property. I call “hello”. Nobody answer. “HELLO” (again). A dog comes towards me, barking. I don’t move. Then I see a man on the first floor. I start to speak but he cut me off and say “hang on”. Few second later the same guy arrive front of me and he looks a bit upset.

  • Me : “Hello, I think I’m lost.
  • Him : “Yes you are”.
  • Me : ” Do you know where is the “blablabla” road?
  • Him : “bah! This fuc**** road doesn’t exist since 10 or 15 years bro’!”
  • Me : “ah… OK… thank you for this detail”.
  • Him : “you have to come back now”.
  • Me : “OK, thank you. Do you know how can I join the main road?”

He seams really annoyed by my question or I don’t know what but he looks like a want to help me. I’m confused…

  • Him : “pff! That way (showing me the direction I came from)
  • Me : “OK thanks” (always polite of course)

Then he took a piece of letter in his car and draw me an horrible map. He explained me everything. I understand few words but I think I know where I have to come back.

  • Me : “OK, I understand. I don’t need that map (mistake).
  • Him : “What? I’m helping you and blablabla…

I put the wonderful map in my pocket and thanks him again. Then I come back to my bike and the guy shout me : “do you want some water?” (Always with this upset tone).

  • Me : “Thank you I’m OK” and I show him my half empty bottle. haha :-) of course he think I have only this one haha.
  • The guy : “You are crazy, you should carry 10 liters with you! You are going to Fuc**** die”.
  • Me : “no but I have more than this bottle”.

But the guy came back in his house, calling his dog and still saying fuc**** and bloody blablabla that I don’t understand.
I shout a last “thank you” and come back to my way.Bloody strange guy this one! And thank you google!

So, after 5 or 7 kilometers back I’m now at the cross roads that the crazy guy explained me. I was coming from the Railway avenue east front of me but I’m turning left now to reach the highway finally.

Hey, a tool on the ground. It’s mine now but I must carry it. I should look the sky and not the ground because I’m always finding something.

Big clouds around but it’s good :-) Too hot now.

Lunch time! This place is not the best one but I don’t care I’m hungry.

Hmm and the decoration is nice :-)

And ‘Hop’ I continue my way and soon I’m going to turn left to follow the “Battle Camp road” towards Laura.

Ah? The road is sealed here? OK why not…
The ground is really red on the sides. This is Australia :-)

I’ve just passed through “Isabella creek” and I’be filtered some water. The colour is a bit yellow but I know it’s good :-) I hope!

Come back onto the reddish gravel road!

Ah those little waves. They call them with a special word but I can’t remember it. Fortunately with the bike I can move from left to right to avoid this annoying parts but sometimes it’s not possible.


The nutella break! I bought a 1kg “family pack” just for me :-) and I will finish it in 4 days… hahaa


Come back on the road again. Wouhaaa this is so long. Maybe 4 kilometers or even more!

Ah? Am I arrived? I even don’t know if it’s a campsite or just an area name… I’m not tired. I can continue.

And I continue :-) In NZ they call “grid” > “Cattle”. Why? I have no idea.. but I know it’s a passage for cars and not for animals because thaley can’t wall on it. It’s. Like -> ||||||| ->

Australia Beef style.

Second shot.

OK, 90km is enough for today. I’ve seen the same “battle camp” panel on the opposite was so I think it’s an area like a park or something. I’m going to camp here now :-) in the middle of nowhere! Adventure! :-D

I come from the left.

Hey, it’s one star hotel here. I have a seat, please :-)

Oh a browny frog this time. It was undeneath the half barrel.

Forest sunset :-D

Tomorrow, tomorrow :-) Now let’s have a good break and careful to the snakes! :-)

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