Battle Camp Station > Laura (61km, 4h10)

Fouaaa! That was one of my best night! I slept very well and of course it was more than quiet haha. I didn’t hear any snakes, crocodiles are other dangerous spiders, just a car around 5:30 am. Nobody stopped to tell me I’m not allowed to camp here. Perfect! One more free camping! :-) Since I quit Cairns I’ve never been in any campsite yet, record!


It rained last night but looks a bit better now. The weather changed since the beginning but I still have the wind behind me. Maybe that’s why I’m still going up! I know I will have to face the wind to come back to Cairns and I don’t want! This is the last day I consider the wind as a friend.

I like the contrast between the dark grey sky, the sunshine and the dusty reddish road.

Larger view.

Hey :-) I was cycling as usual when I saw I shape next to the road about 500m front if me. I thought it was a bird or a branch until the thing moved. It was a kangaroo with its baby jumping behind! Nice but I was too far. I’m now exactly where they crossed the road but no sign of kangaroo…

There some marks on the ground. This is the only thing I can see closer… better than nothing :-D

Hohooo, it looks like the weather is getting much better and much hotter as well.

Africa could have the same kind of landscape no?

Another cyclist front of me riding on the opposite side (like everytime)! This woman is from Germany and she just come back from the tip, the top of cape York. She made it in 9 days! But somebody propose her a lift when she was coming down. This the thing I would like but I don’t want to ask. She is now coming to Cooktown and then to Mareeba. Maybe we will meet us again there :-)


Hohooo :-) finally I reach a place where I can fill all my bottles with fresh water :-)

Nice place :-)

As everytime I crossed the creek barefoot.

I didn’t see any crocodile so I’be decided to take a shower. It’s nice to be clean!

I’ve got water, I’m clean and ready to ride again!

I’ve seen many MANY 4WD like this one and I’m prepared to not breath for a while again…

And another creek.

Fiou! This is the end of the gravel road for today. Of I’m turning right I will head to cap York. But maybe another time. Now I’m going to reach Laura. 2km, finger in the nose! :-D

Happy :-)

Hey, I arrived in Laura! First thing : sugar! 11$ for a bottle + pecan nuts, gloups!

I’m taking picture from my seat, I’m lazy. There is the only hotel there on the left hand side.

Front of me, my bike of course and the main place with the carpark. A woman from Holland came because she was curious about how I’m travelling. She told me they saw me in Cooktown and other different places between. So, I’m fast as them with their car! haha :-) But now they have a mechanic problem. The water entered inside the car the last time they crossed a creek. They must wait to fix it. I don’t have any problem ;-) not yet!

And what does it taste pecan nuts + nutella? So so…

I’m now on the other side of the place cleaning my dusty bike. It needs it!

This is the store where I was soon.

Those birds are really noisy! They arrived 30 minutes ago and since that time they never stop “singing”. But 100 birds together… what a noisy bloody song!

A little girl who lives in the shop I thing give them something to eat and they certainty know that.

Video of the noisy birds

The hotel with 4WD parked front of it.

From left to right : food store, hotel, road/place, public toilets and bench, the place where I’m now cleaning my bike.

The same but different :-)

I thought there was more to visit but Laura is a really small town. At 6pm I’ve decided to continue my way and find a place to stay along the road.

And I found it 10 minutes later :-) pictures tomorrow morning :-D Good night.

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  1. Hey! What a nice adventure you have in Australia nice photos and of course the coke, nuts and chocolate. Its Awesome!

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