Auckland to Mangere, last night in NZ (16km, 1h)

My last night in Auckland was the worst one. It rained all the night and yesterday night when I reached my usual place I met, well, I see, well, I distinguished a guy smoking in the dark under the trees. I asked him if he didn’t mind if I slept there but I didn’t understand what he answer me… It was already so dark and I didn’t want to search now a new place. So I went a bit further than normally, hides in the bush under the trees. I was a bit worried about that guy and more for my bike. But after that the weather was my main problem… I didn’t sleep so well. It’s a shame to finish NZ in winter. I hope Cairns will be better.
Later I came back to the library again to charge all my stuff and me definitely ready to reach the airport. My plane take off tomorrow at 3:30pm and I’m going to sleep around the airport to have time to clean and pack everything tomorrow.
Then, I met Cyril again :-) the brother and sister I met on the ferry towards Wellington. It was nice to see you again man! Next time in Switzerland in 2 years? 3 years? haha :-)


Since this night the weather is cold and unstable. Showers fall down every 20 minutes as when I came in NZ last year. I not regret leaving.

Bah! When the traffic light is red I wait under a shelter. Bloody rain!

Bye bye Auckland! Contrary to last time I can’t see the tower from here today.

I’ve crossed the long Dominion Street and I’m now reaching again the cycle way that comes along the motorway.

Yes, “pfouuu” it’s the word to discribe that day.

I’m one the highest point of my trip. The rest should be easy.

I’m passing under tthe motorway again. It’s grey! So grey!

Rainy grey cold day…

And finally I’m onto Wallace road again and I’ve reached my “campsite”. My last place in NZ!

Good view :-) no? Yes, almost… see ya!

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