Auckland, spending money

I know it’s “dangerous” to be in a big city. I mean for my wallet :-) it’s too easy to spend money and I can’t resist front of all those shops, all those Asian restaurants, sushis and whatever…
But at least today I want to go to R&R sport to get a new tire and a chain. I have 10% off for everything I buy in this shop so I prefer to do it here because everybody told me Australia is more expensive. And I will start the country of kangaroos with a pair of new tires. I’ve done more than 8,000 kilometres with only one pair. I bought my first road tires in Auckland last year. Schwalbe, German company, is a good tough brand!

Then I bough a new charger for my phone and then walking around, I found a shopping mall and some Asian restaurants every metres.

Come on, I have to finish my NZ cash ;-) Sushis! Hmmm :-)

Ah and yesterday I’ve cut my hair myselft for a new light style. It a mess but I don’t care. Travel style :-)

And like every day, library time to finish that day. Do not go to the toilet!

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