Auckland, the biggest mistake!

Aaaaah! Nooooooo! OK… I finished packing my stuff and I was walking towards the toilets of the park when suddenly I realised something. Where is my “belt bag”? Where?! I didn’t use it yesterday night in my tent and I don’t remember to have using it either. That’s really not good. There is my camera inside and all my sd cards with all my pictures of new Zealand, aïe! Nooooo! And there is my passport! Rah shit why now? Why am I so silly! My bag should be in the toilets library because I’ve been there before leaving the place. Or, it could be in the park toilets because I filled my bottles of water. I don’t like this day. Without my passport what can I do? Rah! Quel con! So keep calm and let’s have a look in the toilet’s park before, then I will go to the library if I don’t find here. Hmmm, no bag here. Somebody cleaned the toilets this morning at 6am, maybe they found it. And somebody could come back at 2:30 pm. I still hope that I can catch this person and ask him it her. Now let’s go to the library. Well, they didn’t find anything yesterday. I verified also where I was seating but nothing. My last hope is to wait until this afternoon and ask to the toilet cleaner. But there is something I can do : going to the police as well. Let’s go. What a bad event!
Then the policeman took my information and call the airport to declare my lost passport. Finally he told me to call the French embassy based in Wellington. I don’t have credit on my phone and it will cost me at least 20$ for 1h even if I need 5 minutes.
Next step, I call the embassy and they explain me that I must come to Wellington to get a special “laissé passé” to come back to France. But I don’t want! Not now! If I can’t find it today I won’t put a foot on Australia and I must return to Wellington by bus. And my bike?. Pff! Just for a bloody piece of paper… Then and then, I came back to the park to wait for the guy or the woman who cleaned the toilets this morning.
I meet a guy there and after a while I explain to him my big problem… he is sorry for me and start turning around to watch inside the rubbish bins. Thanks man! I’m standing next to the toilets, my last hope… Next to it there is a woman working around, cleaning the plant and managing the garden. I ask her if the number onto the toilet I called this morning was right. I explain my problem again and then she call her boss to ask where is the person who has cleaned the toilets this morning. I’m still waiting…
After a while she comes back to me with a big smile : “We found it! The guy will come in 30 minutes” No?! Oooh Aaah yes :-) Less than this looong 30 minutes the guy come with my bag. Whouaooo! One more time, I’m so lucky! Thank you so much!

Why those pictures. I discovered later that the person who found my bag used my camera. The battery was empty and I discovered those really nice pictures…

Maybe he gave me back my camera because he was enable to take a good shot… I don’t know but it’s a good thing for me.

Last thing, I’ve remarked that there some missing pieces in my bag : my charger and 2 SD cards… hmmm, maybe they are somewhere else in my stuff, I hope.

I’ve verified everything and I didn’t have any good surprise. At least I’ve got my passport and my camera. This is the price to pay to have lost my most important piece of paper around. Next time I will definitely lost my mind!

I should make a resume if all the things I’ve forgot, broke or lost since the beginning. And why not now?

  • Trailer magnetic rear light in kerikeri (broken)
  • Trailer flag, Coromandel (definitively lost)
  • Knife, Napier (lost and found so many times)
  • Sporke, Napier (stolen)
  • Mattrees, Napier (broken)
  • Dynamo hub, Featherston (broken)
  • Keys + USB key, Wellington (definitively lost)
  • Bottle, Rainbow track (definitively lost)
  • Spoke, Rainbow track (broken)
  • Chopsticks, Clyde Orchards (definitively lost)
  • Trailer flag, Mavora lakes (definitively lost)
  • Nexus USB cable, Riverton (broken)
  • Valve caps, Collingwood (found)
  • Backpack + guitar + helmet, Hawera (found)
  • Towel, Whitecliffs walkway (definitively lost)
  • Camera + passport, Auckland (found)
  • SD cards + phone charger, Auckland (definitively lost)
  • what next? Brain? :-\
  • I am going to pulverized my record in Australia?

2 thoughts on “Auckland, the biggest mistake!

  1. Hey ton histoire est dingue !! Mais je te comprends ! c’est hallucinant toutes les affaires qu’on peut perdre en voyage ! Ta bonne étoile était avec toi ce jour là ! Dans un autre pays je ne suis pas certain que tu aurais pu retrouver tes affaires !! Allez je vais continuer de lire tes aventures, ca me fait travailler l’anglais du coup !!

  2. Slt copain !

    Trop fort ton histoire! Tu sais qu’il m’ait arrivé la même chose 4 jours avant de partir pour l’Australie ? lol
    J’avais oublié ma sacoche dans une voiture avec laquelle on faisait du stop… Finalement le gars l’a déposé à la police station de Tauranga ! On l’a récupéré à Wellington 1 jour avant de quitter la NZ ! Et par contre l’embassade française ne sert à rien… normalement tu peux faire faire un passeport d’urgence en 2 jours mais ils n’ont plu les formulaires depuis mai 2012…
    Mais au fond de moi je savais que je retrouverais ma sacoche car on était en NZ ! Et je pense que tu le savais aussi !
    Amuse toi bien en OZ l’ami on est à fond derrière toi !

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