Woolongong > Nowra (82km, 4h45)


After two days of rain this is a perfect day. It was cloudy most of the time and I had tailwind 90% of the time. Too easy :-) I’ve stopped for lunch in Kiama (picture above) which is a nice place. Lots of tourists though.



7:30, Aaarf this is hard… I haven’t sleep very well and not enough. I hope being on the road at 9am.


Finally I was ready at 9:06am and I’m now passing the coal factory. I’m on a cycle way which is good.


Still on cycle path. The picture is bad but the water was so clear and blue! Yes like water but blue like a nice one haha.


yes more like this color ;-)


Thanks Google map. I found only cycle path until here. Very good!


few! So nice.


These houses, the view… Wow ;-)


Finally coming back on the highway I should be able to turn very soon.


Here we go, another cycle path. The wind is pushing me since a while now.


Deeper in the forest.


and come back to the beach.


with those lucky guys who in a wonderful spot!


lots of up and downs which is the best because I can appreciate the view very often.


I’ve just arrive in Kiama.


The weather is now getting hot. I will check the lighthouse and then lunch!


Everywhere looks great ;-)


check! Lighthouse ;-)


This place is called the blow hole because the water enter in a corridor then to a dead end and blows up like a geyser. Everyone is waiting now.


From the other side.


let’s have some lunch. Yoko, I found and bought “green powder” yesterday in Wollongong. This is great. I can eat healthy (healfy!) and travel light ;-)


Ok, I’ve hesitated to have a rest or continue my road but I’m motivated to continue. Google maps showed me a lot more cycle path to come so I want to see that.


Effectively, one track follow the coast line, great!


And in a the forest again :-)


That’s it. I almost tempt to go on a walk track along the coast but the track was covered with grass and with very steep hills. I must take the high way for few kilometers…


Better than I thought even if the traffic is dense. The slope is really gradual (4 to 5%).


I’m almost onto the summit.


Yes, done! and a HUGE downhill is coming :-)


The downhill was fantastic. I made my speed record in Australia (73.4km/h)! I’m now of the highway and this is the perfect time to have an icecream ;-)


And another beach called “seven mile beach”. I’m going to cycle through the National park.


Huge empty beach.


This road is not really interesting. It’s shady so this is good but it’s straight, flat and there is not that much space for cyclist. Oh, there is sometimes but it’s bumpy and lots of branches and other stuff are on the ground. I don’t mind. I’d like to reach Nowra this afternoon because tomorrow it’s going to rain the whole day. So at leat, I could go to the cinema or the library. I’ll see!


That’s a big truck!


Since few minutes, I’m in a wine area apparently. I could do some wine tasting on the way maybe :-)


Nice :-)


Finally! Those last 20km was a bit boring but Nowra is here :-)


I need to find a spot for tonight.


The end of this park seems promising.


Ah, aah, what’s happening down there? The perfect spot?


I’m now walking to have a look. Looks like there is an open space further there.


Hey! looks very good to me :-) I will come back at dark I think.


But now, it’s time to wash my clothes and have a “bath” in this river :-) My waterproof backpack is transformed like a bucket which is perfect to wash my clothes :-)

Arg! I don’t know where this water is coming from but it is not what I’ve expected. I’ve started washing my hair and their texture became really strange like sticky and dry. I thought this water would come from the river but it’s certainly mixed with the ocean.

I’ve wash my clothes already wish is not good. The salt will destroy everything I think. At the beginning of the bridge, there is public toilets and I’ve seen a tap. I need to go back there and wash myself and the clothes again. This is adventure :-)


Finally I’m clean and having my dinner now. Then I will come back to my spot a maybe even closer. The weather forecast for tomorrow announced rain from 5:30am til midnight so I think I will wake up before to pack everything before. Then I will find a dry place until the library or something else open. Good night!

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  1. Hello ? C’est quoi cette “poudre verte” donnée par Yoko ? De l’argile ? Mais ça ne se mange pas, ça doit donc être autre chose. Supers paysages en tout cas. Je suppose que tu as rencontré de l’eau saumâtre, c’est comme si tu t’étais lavé les cheveux dans les étangs de Villepey ! Lol ! Ton petit coin de camping a l’air parfait ! Bonne nuit !

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