Nowra, rainy day off…


Okay, so this morning 5am, the rain has started. Few drops on my tent woke me up and it was hard. Hard to wake up! But I did not want to pack my stuff under the rain and have all my gear wet for days so I did it. Well, now it’s 5:20am and I’m on the street haha :-) This is a Funny day, no it’s not haha. Adventure again! I found the library with a bench under cover which is a good start. At least I can get some breakfast and think about the next step :-)


Even better! I found the Entrance of the library with another bench and a bigger roof. This is luxury ;-) I can lock my bike here and have a look around.


Well, nothing extravagant to see now…


It’s now 9:30 and the library is open. I think I will stay here all the day as I can get very slow Wifi, I can charge my stuff and it’s dry here.


The Nowra library ;-)


And for lunch, because it’s such a bad day, I offer myself a nice treat : some Japanese food. As I forgot my chopsticks at Wendy’s place I will keep this pair until Melbourne :-)

I cross my finger for tomorrow. And for tonight because I don’t even know where I’m gonna sleep. I’ve tried to call some guys I found on the Warmshowers website but no one answer me… Rah! I will find a solution as usual, no worries. See you!

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  1. Allons bon, l’automne est arrivé chez vous, à l’autre bout de la terre, je vois ! Je suppose que tu es allé te coucher tôt le soir, ou peut-être t’es tu endormi dans la bibliothèque ?? Courage ! On pense à toi … sous la pluie nous aussi !

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