Woolgoolga, the end of the cucumbers


Hey! it’s early morning today, about 6:30. We started yesterday to clean the cucumbers green houses because the crops arrived to their ends. We did two houses yesterday and we should largely finish the last one today.


Yep, they doesn’t look really good anymore but the water supply was cut yesterday so this is not a surprise.


That’s what we done yesterday.


That’s where I am going to work this afternoon because they need a hand for planting that new block. This is for blue berries.


I’m actually alone. I thought they were late but now I’m pretty sure they aren’t. But the boss didn’t tell me anything yesterday and naturally, because we started the tow first houses, I thought we were working on this one. Now it’s raining a lot and I don’t want to come back home now. At least I’m covered and I know this job has to be done anyway.


When I picked the first day, the cucumbers was on the bottom and we had to crouch to get them. Now, the job it to detach the string line from the top and this time we need to stretch to reach the top. Hard sport ;-)


Fiou! it’s done. I chose to attach the plants together using their string line so it will be much faster to grad them and put them on the truck. Yesterday the plants was all along the ground and we used a broom to push them to the top. But they still contain some water and they are heavy. This way is for me better : maybe a bit slower but then we will be faster for the rest of the process.

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