Woolgoolga, planting blue berries


Hello, today, I’m going to plant blue berries this time. There is apparently no more work for the cucumbers so I’m gonna to work here this week and maybe for the next month.┬áSome other guys prepared the lines already and we must plant now.


the first step is to make the holes as the picture shows.


Then the digging part. It’s longer.


And then the planting. I’ve avoided all the little steps between but it’s mainly the idea and it’s quite logical because planting before making a hole would be more difficult… ;-)


I made the holes yesterday so one the digging part is coming soon and I’m ready :-) See ya!

2 thoughts on “Woolgoolga, planting blue berries

  1. Wow! Its a huge plantation, its nice to have a good experience working in the farm planting Blue Berries. Maybe oneday I’l go wwoofing around NZ . Nice work Damien! :-)

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