Whitianga > Opoutere (57km, 4h)

The day start with 5min ferry’s turn and I have one just for me and my bike :-). Today I’m going to go to Opoutere. The place is situated in an harbour between the beach, a sand dune and a pine forest. It looks like “les Landes” in France.

I’m ready to continue now :-)

I thought it was cook beach already but it’s not. Doesn’t matter this beach is wonderful.

15min later, another one but it’s not Cook beach yet and it still beautiful.

I like this house. And it front of the preview beach picture. Cool view!

Finally that’s Cook beach :-). I prefer the others smaller ones.

Behind me the village with empty houses everywhere.

Maybe I don’t remember but it’s the first time I see some wine cultures. I’m in France :-).

And one more… Hahei beach this time. It’s almost boring : beach, beach, beach, haha.

I’m in the beginning of the path which goes ahead Cathedral cove, a big arc made by the ocean.

There is a cool car in this park :-).

And… in the bush.

And lost!

Ah, I’m not far away…

Ahaaa! Oooh!

Yes, I’m here.

I will come back here the day when this rock will fall down.

Little flowers :-).

It was : Cathedral Cove Spoil Visit :-).

After 30km I need a break. It starts raining and I have 40km more to do… Cool :-).

And one long hill finished (8km) to see what? This… Ok continue.

That’s my shorter visit of the day. I was going down when I saw the green and yellow DOC panel. It’s right “Twin Kauri Scenic Reserve”. Ok, I can visit the place but… Is there any kauri trees front of me already? That’s the end of the visit haha:-).

I’ve reached Tairua, it’s 15km to the end. The particular shape of this mountain seams to be an old volcano.

Ah yes it’s Mt Paku.

A little break should be good. The rain is not horrible, it’s not so hard and the wine come from my back. That’s ok.

And as usually, there is always huge empty houses which are waiting for summer time.

After a little break, I’m no my way to find the camp for tonight. On my right side these mountains looks like Pinnacles shape. And if I look to a map it should be possible because I’m not so far. No the other side there is Thames.

I was almost arrive to the camp when I discover this place. Grass, toilets, bench, interesting, very interesting :-).

It’s raining and I don’t want to pay for almost the same accommodation in an official camp. I will take a shower tomorrow.

Tonight, we have a rice with hot chilly tuna and brocoli :-). Them a delicious kiwi gold for the dessert. miam! See ya!

2 thoughts on “Whitianga > Opoutere (57km, 4h)

  1. c’est vraiment étrange ce gros rocher bizarre posé comme ça sur la plage !! et il y a même des arbustes qui poussent au somment.. étrange étrange.. les aliens seraient-ils passés par là ??

  2. There are a lot big rocks like that, in “Baie d’Along”. But soon, they’ll have disappeared. No real protection for them and men break them to take the stones. In a moment, rock fall in the sea. That on the photograph have a long time still…

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