Wellington > Hawera (282km by bus)

Houuu, shame on me, I’m taking the bus. I’m doing for two reason and not because I’m lazy ;-) first one : several people I met told me that this road is dangerous and not really nice for cyclist. There is not alternative roads beside this one and it’s an highway with buses, trucks, and all the big traffic. The econd reason is : I prefer to avoid this non interesting part and be sure to be on time in Auckland. If I have to stop for some reason, for bad weather or I don’t know yet, it’s better to have few days to prevent any problem. I’m not lazy :-P

And when I see those thick clouds, I’m worried and happy to pass through with the bus today :-)


Around Te Papa museum onto the harbour.

This my bus :-) well the bus I’m going to catch. And the driver didn’t ask me to pay any fees more because the bus is half full. They are allowed to ask us to pay 10$ for the bike and 10 more for the trailer. I paid 32$ already. Could be expensive but I’m lucky :-)

Everybody is on board and we are heading north.

It’s fast.

Too fast! I can’t take pictures!

Bouah, ugly…

After 4 hours we can finally see the mount Taranaki :-) it is really impressive and huge. The summit is more than 2500m! And the cone is almost perfect. Wouhaou! Wonderful!



I arrived at 3:35 pm like expected but because I don’t have any brain, I forgot something, like every time… This time it’s my red backpack with my guitar, helmet, kobo and Dene’s tablet! I didn’t have time to send it to him yesterday and now I’ve lost it! I’m so silly! Fortunately McDonald’s is here! I’be been to the fast food, got internet, email the company. At the beginning they told me they could not contact the bus driver and I could get my bag in 10 working days… hey, no, it’s not possible! I emailed them again and insisted to have another faster solution. Finally they call me back (inaugurate my phone by the way ;-) I even didn’t know how to answer haha) the solution is simple : I must be there tomorrow morning at the same bus stop to get my bag back because by magic, they knew this time how to contact the bus driver, strange but good for me, ouf!

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  1. Oh là là, tu as vraiment eu de la chance. Ce n’était pas sûr qu’en France tu aurais pu récupérer ton sac aussi vite, et avec tout dedans!
    Au fait Damien, je pense que personne n’ira penser que tu es paresseux. Et puis quand bien même, ce serait ton droit le plus strict !

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