Wellington, second day off

Yesterday, I spend my day between Te Papa museum (for the fast internet connexion) and the library to charge the tablet and my phone. I could learn many things but no… just electronic day. Then, I left the city centre at 9 pm maybe to find a new spot for the night. The last one was not the best and I came back around the backpacker where I stayed almost a week during my first visit of Wellington. I remembered there was a small park and I was right. The place was really quiet and totally flat this time :-) .it was a bit dirty with beer cans all around but I cleaned the area to avoid any problem. I’m now going back to the library to continue what I was doing yesterday. I have to download all the app I need and learn how to be fast like I was with the tablet. I just hate the Samsung keyboard! It’s useless! If I don’t find any solution I’m ready to sell it already and buy another phone. I also have to prepare the tablet for Dene because he is waiting for it since 5 weeks now. We have exchanged some emails and he is impatient to receive it :-) I have to hurry up because we are Saturday and the post office is open only this morning. Sunday it’s closed and Monday also because it’s Queen’s day anniversary.

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