Wellington, day off for catching my parcel, it’s Christmas again!

That’s one of the worst night I ever have, thank you north island. I was slipping all the night so it was difficult to sleep well. And then, after the children left for the second time, some other guys came with a motorbike (I’m not sure) and played in the playground. Fortunately they didn’t see me and I didn’t hear them left the park. Anyway, today is Christmas because I’m going to get my parcel from France. I hope it’s standing where I think and I won’t have bad surprise.

This is the park where I passed the night.

It’s still early and there is almost no activity in the streets.

I even can do this light effect with my camera. More I use it and more I like it :-)

I moved to have my breakfast and I’ve found a good spot…

… front of the parliament :-)

And… here it is :-) my parcel from France!

Thank you family :-)

Everything was good except one thing but it’s the fault of the seller. I wanted the white version of the phone and I received the ugly grey one… I think it could be easier to have the white version if one day I decide to sell that phone. But it’s too late now. I don’t want to exchange it because I’m going to send my tablet to Dene and I need this phone. It’s ugly, that’s all…

One thought on “Wellington, day off for catching my parcel, it’s Christmas again!

  1. Bon, eh bien je constate que l’aventurier est toujours épris d’idéal esthétique ! Il va moins bien fonctionner ton phone parce qu’il est gris ??? Tu n’as qu’à le peindre, ou le recouvrir de scotch blanc ! LOL

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