Upper Mongogarie, water supply system, third try


Hello, today is a new day and we are gonna find the bloody solution for the water system. After “pimp my ride”, now it’s “Pump my water” hmmm sorry…  I’m going to figure it out how to build the “deck”, the system to put the green pump in the middle of the lake because actually we are limited by the length of the electric cable and of course we can put the plug in the water otherwise plouf, ksssssiii, boom! And Vilma came back this morning! She is now varnishing the wood floor of the first Veranda…


… when Jamie thinks he is Jesus…


… when I’m playing Lego with pipe connections.

No, the real story is : Jamie and I was trying a new solution with the water system. Then after no real good result we came back working in the “pipe shelter” around the house when Vilma came back this morning.

We sorted every connectors by size, colour, style. Now It’s a pleasure to go in with an idea and find the thing we need in less than a minute.


During Jamie is fixing the pipe onto the roof (and he just did it in the picture above :-) I’m going down, again, to plug a foot valve Jamie found this morning when we were sorted all the plumber stuff. Useful isn’t it?


Yes I’m paddling because we I don’t find the right solution. And apparently one of the blue engine is not working any more because it ran without water yesterday and it’s not good… I will find the solution, and WE will find it together!


For that, I made a new plan tonight, haha! who is gonna win? Not this bloody system of course! So this time, the idea is : the blue pump use the water faster than the pump is able to give. So if we have a buffer water tank between we could test and verify which is the fastest : the green pump or the blue engine? This is THE question and the subject for tomorrow :-D. bye!

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