Upper Mongogarie, water supply system, the tower


Today we work again on the water system. It’s working already but we optimised it. The other tank was not really stable and not protected. Keith and Sue bought those big tanks which used to serve for transporting tomato sauce or whatever. Strange… They certainly bought this in auctions (encheres) and they have 10 like these ones.


This time, the pipe from the tank is going directly and straightly to the pump underneath. The tank full of water protect naturally the bottom part. Simple and efficient.


After 4 hours of work we need a break and a lunch! It’s very hot now and there is no shade around the “lake”.


4:30pm, the temperature it’s perfect and it’s a pleasure to work. We can compare our old system with the brand new one. When all the pipes will be connected we will use those wood board to decorate and protect the tower. Then it won’t be ugly any more and the tower will suit the landscape, until we will add the straw (or the candy :-) …


The pipe system is done, we are now adjusting the pieces of wood. Tomorrow this water tower will look like something :-) And we will make the first test as well! See ya.

After that we got back to the house to fix the pipes on the wall and set up the system to distribute the water in the different water tank. We work very quickly ;-)

3 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, water supply system, the tower

  1. Super installation en tous cas. Félicitations à vous tous ! Ils en disent quoi les proprios ? J’espère qu’ils se rendent compte de la chance qu’ils ont avec votre team !

  2. Working 4 hours without any shade? Crazy!

    I am looking forward to see how the tower is going to look like.
    (Matching the landscape, and with the straw!)

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