Upper Mongogarie, landscaping


Today, we did some landscaping. We dug the ground to continue covering the pipe water system. Then I wanted to clean this area because Sue keeps some plant here but we couldn’t really see what kind of plant was there. I dug around and flatten the ground. Then I took some bricks to make a kind of shelve. It’s much better now :-) I couldn’t move the biggest banana tree (I’m not sure if it’s one) because the roots are actually into the ground…


Now it’s clean I can take a picture of our super water system running against the wall. Vilma repaired this wheel barrow which was not stable and full of concrete. We’ve got many tools now (because we still find some around) but there are not of a real good quality, so we repair them :-)


We can choose which tank we want to fill.


This floor is totally rotten. I thought about working on it but it’s not the most important thing to do.


Jamie is struggling with the toilet system (He his not happy haha). The “brand new” toilets we found weeks ago was broken. Not everything  fortunately but the pipe inside the top bucket. Jamie did many different tests and change the useless part. We are now using another pump to push the water inside the system because the original automatic pump doesn’t work. Rah! fortunately we are here!


Later this afternoon, we were fixing a gutter when we hear a noise. This wonderful goanna (Jack) fell down in this kind of pool and can’t go out.

Poor Jack!


Roh, Jack what’s happening to you? Yes, you know the exit is up there.


We are going to help you.


So be polite please and keep cool. We “pushed” Jack in a spade (pelle) and Jamie took it out. After the frog, Jack is now free!

4 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, landscaping

  1. Hey Damien! Good on you for helping Jack ! :-) by the way the place look great and tidy , good workers! well done guys! We have crepes last night for our dinner. miam!

    Have fun and have a good day!

  2. Jamie is not afraid of the goanna?
    Wasn’t he afraid of the frog, before?

    Marco had a grading for the Karate, today.
    So, he will be out of white belt in a few weeks.

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