Upper Mongogarie, merry Christmas


Today is Chrismas time and we are going to have a great lunch prepared by Sue and some other person. It’s a team work :-) Yesterday was salmon with veges and potatoes. Today is turkey, duck, ham and veges. Miam!


The chrismas table.


The main course :-)


Sue and Keith’s family has a kind of rule or game. Each member buy a unisex gift. Then a person pick a random name in a box. This person can choose any of the presents onto the table and open it. Another person’s name is picked. This second person can choose a new gift or take the one of the first person. It continues like this until everybody gets one. The best is being the last person to pick the gift because they are all open.


We are now playing a board game with cultural questions. I don’t like it in French so in english it’s even worse… I’m so bad to that kind a game.

The pictures are a bit mixed up. I’ve prefered starting with the Christmas tree than the terrace. Nicola and her son emptied this area before the family came. I was angry because they moved all the stuff I’ve organized with jamie but at the end it’s true that it’s better to have space.

Finally I’m not gonna leave tomorrow because I went sleeping so late so I couldn’t wake up at 5:40 to avoid the heat. I’ll leave on 27th.

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  1. Hello Damien ! Je viens seulement de regarder tes derniers posts, car je n’ai pas encore internet à la nouvelle maison. L’arbre de Noël est vraiment joli, et je suis contente que tu n’aies pas passé cette fête tout seul. Gros bisous

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