Upper Mongogarie, Hammock night experience


Hello, Sue and Keith’s family came today so I’m going to sleep out because this time the house is full. Yesterday I had an extra day in “my” bed. I was prepared to sleep in my tent when Humberto, a family member, with who I have a comment : cyclism :-) He plan a trip in Asia and we exanged tips about bike travelling. Story after story, we started talking about hammock. He gots one and I’m gonna try this one with my top layer tent as a rain cover. It should be interesting because my next gift will be a hammock I think. Many ways it look better than a tent. It avoids :

  • the animals on the ground.
  • the water inside ( with a rain cover).
  • to damage the mattrees.

And it’s lighter and more compact! This is important. So, yes, definitively when my tent will be broken I will look for a hammock :-)
Good night

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