Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis, wood protection


This morning, Puantas and Anton left the place. They continue their trip and maybe, MAYBE, I’ll see them again somewhere, we never know. So, I’ve finished this morning applying the hardener on the wood surrounding the jacuzzis. I wanted to do it sooner but it rained everyday a bit. This time I’m well prepared. I found those big pieces of roof. If the rain comes back I cover everything! bloody rain!


Next step before the ultimate end of this project : repairing the holes. This bath was losing 10 litres per hour and I know why now. So I emptied it (it’s easier hey? :-) and I’m applying some plaster from the inside so it will resist with the water pressure, I hope…


Ha, the rain can come now!


This afternoon I’m starting a new project, landscaping. This place is too steep so I’m going to make some stairs. I didn’t ask if I could work here but I’m sure Sue will appreciate because she work around this area everyday.


Two hours later, it looks like something already. But let’s continue tomorrow, I need a rest :-)

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