Upper Mongogarie, dam


We’ve got a new mission today. This morning during Puantas was building shelves inside the new shelter, I worked with Anton too flatten (aplatir) the road down the entrance. The heaving rain always push down the soil and after a while you need a tank to access the the house. Then we finish that part and would like to keep the road as long as possible (at least until Christmas) so we are now digging a trench and building a wall to protect the path from the water.


This is a recycled wall. They have, it’s not new, lots a junk here so we use it. At the beginning the plan was to cut some piece of metal roof but this solution is much easier and faster :-)


Now we are looking around to get some rocks, bricks whatever to fill the bottom of the trench so the water will go down and turn left like the sign :-)


Yep that’s it! Now I hope it will rain soon so I could see how our dam (barrage) defends itself against the water (even if I know nature always win).


:-) See ya!

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  1. Il les a trouvé où, Keith, tous ces panneaux de signalisation ? Volés ? ventes aux enchères ? Brocantes ?

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