Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis NEARLY finished!


Friday, I should be able to finish it, nomally… Every day I think that… I’ve placed each jacuzzi onto their right spot and I must connected them together. Then I could finish to fix the piece of wood.


Trying to tight one of the three connections with the best tools we have here.


A while later, Every thing is ready!


I have a last piece of wood to fix on one of the diagonal but definitely, the result is here.


Because of the rain, I had to make one more time the center. It’s still not straight but good enough I guess.


Final result for today :-) I’ll fill them with water next Monday. This weekend we are gonna visit the coast with Antons and Puantas. See ya.

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis NEARLY finished!

  1. Damien, I’ve been keeping up with your work here – It looks amazing! Where are you headed for Christmas? I’ve been making sushi here in Melbourne :)

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