Upper Mongogarie, Jacuzzi and green house


This is a monster! :-) We found this “night butterfly” inside the Green house (the red building front of the house). It’s dead and completely dry but still look real. The castle is now almost finished and we have new missions :

  • filled the water tanks under the balcony
  • filled the jacuzzi with water
  • make the chicken cage (finally)

The thing is we need to move each tank under the balcony to dig (creuser) the ground and create a stairs shape so the water will fill one tank after each other. The problem is that the first one is full (1000 litres) so we can’t move it like this. Let’s go to the second step : “Fill the jacuzzi” :-)


All the big tanks (same model we used for the water tower) are underneath the terrace (the black shady area). Jamie is digging the ground during I’m cleaning the four jacuzzi and attach a connection on them. The previous guys had made the connections but… aie… shitty job again! All the connections was moving so it was not waterproof at all. Let’s do it again…


The jacuzzi are now connected together so we can fill one and the three other will get water as well. We need to wait until the glue gets dry so we decided to organise the green house. Houaaa! too hot inside to work! let’s come back this late afternoon.


Five hours later… this time the “before/after” is in the opposite way ;-) It was much cleaner this morning. It’s much comfortable now to work even if it’s still hot. We emptied all the “Green house” (actually red…) to fix the ground and arrange things properly. Should be nice that we finish before Sue comes back. It will be a good surprise for her, I hope :-)


We fixed the kind of stairs made by wood to retain the ground. But as usual (unfortunately) the work wasn’t done as it should… We made it stronger and we must stop now because we must watering the garden and cook. Hard day! ;-) See ya!

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, Jacuzzi and green house

  1. Quel le but de remplir les jacuzzis, pour vous prélasser dans les bulles, ou pour faire une réserve d’eau supplémentaire ?
    En fait, le papillon est empaillé ! Nouveau métier Damien : te voilà taxidermiste involontaire ! Lol

  2. What are you using the 4 Jacuzzi for?
    It looks very physical job … and it is summer! Hard work!

    It’s hot and humid here in Cairns.
    Marco is watching “Star trek” again.
    Martin & Josh have picked a box of nice Bowen Mangoes, we are eating them everyday. :D

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