Upper Mongogarie, building, fixing, modifying and cooking :-)


Yesterday, Jamie and Keith came back with a surprise : A new “thing” to build that Keith bought from where? hun, where? Tender centre of course! 20$, a bargain ;-) We’ve got an idea of the main shape but we don’t know where it’s going to be… But anyway, we are figure it out as a puzzle, trying to find the missing pieces.


Firstly, we start by finishing organising the tiles I’ve started yesterday and there is lots more different model now. Our shop is growing! Free delivering I repeat :-)


hmmm, ok… That’s all? Looks like something missing.


yeh, that a beginning…


Yes, we know, it’s up side down :-) We struggled with the screws because the quality of the “thing” is “so so” but after putting some oil and find a better screw driver, we reached the first step.


Okay, now there is something wrong. Now we have a problem and a solution to find.


After a look around, I found a piece a plastic tube on the ground. Hey! I’ve got an idea! :-)


Problem solve. Okay, it’s purple but it work perfectly : strong, light, purple, yes… Very useful this “thing” but a roof now should be even better, no? Another day? Ok.


Yes, Sue is not here and Keith is not going to help us so from today until Saturday or sunday (I’m not sure) with Jamie we are cooking. Yesterday, on there way back, Keith and Jamie went shopping. We made a list during the morning with all the food we would like and lucky us, we got almost everything! For lunch we had sushis, tonight it’s “wrapped barracuda”, nice!




We’ve got even our own baby wine bottle, cool :-) I will write the easy recipe later :-)

3 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, building, fixing, modifying and cooking :-)

  1. Je ne devrais pas regarder ces images à l’heure de déjeuner ! mmh ! Ca me donne faim, surtout que comme d’habitude je tente de chasser mes 3 kilos superflus ! En fait, pour être tout à fait honnête, ils sont passés à 6 les cons !
    Dis donc, votre véranda ? Elle vient de chez Ikéa ou quoi ? Hé oui, rappelle toi Gad Elmaleh et son sketche de la pièce qui manque ! On s’y croirait ! Lol

  2. hello damien,
    ca fait un bail, je n avais pas le temps de suivre tes aventures, et en plus on arrivait plus a aller sur ton blog,
    continue ta route et fais nous rever

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