Te Anau > Tatuapere (104km, 5h20)

OK, today should be a looong day. I’ve planned to go to Tatuapere but it’s more than 100km away from Te Anau. I want to do that and be able to start the Hump Ridge track tomorrow. My last boss from Clyde Orchard, Kevin, told me a good thing about this one. And it’s still in the fiordland so I want to do it :-)


Good bye Te Anau.

I’m going to pass Manapouri again today.

Yes that’s it, I’m here :-)

Good style :-)

What a bunsh of direction panels here!

And there as well!

I need a break. To much information…

These road are really straight in this region of NZ.

Hey, I want to turn right please.

Finally, I’m front of the big hill of the day. 200m to climb.

The last curve.

The last look to the view.

And here we go!

And that’s it :-)

I was there 30 minutes ago.

Now, it’s time to come down haha :-)

Nice colours :-)

30 kilometre against the bloody wild!

… And Tatuapere is here! Finally!

Oh yes!

The main street.

Ah, that’s the track I want to do tomorrow!

Museum + cafe. Yes OK.

I’m now front of a huge problem : find a place where pitch my tent.

You can’t see anything? Me too… :-)

A good meal and go to bed!

That’s a teasing of the track I’m going to do tomorrow and during 3 days! See ya :-)

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