Taupō > Mangakino (55km, 3h10)

Hey! Today is finally sunny cool :-) So, I’m going to Mangakino because of many points :

  • it’s not the same road as I took between Rotorua and Taupō (because I will pass through to continue to Whakatane and to the east cape)
  • it’s not a main road (less trucks)
  • there is a lake there as well
  • there is also four free camps sites closed to each other
  • and I’m waiting for the answer of Russell and Mangakino is almost on the way to go to Tauranga or Rotorua.
  • and that’s enough :-)


Everyday when I was going to the city centre, I had to pass next to the scenery lookout of Taupō. Today the view is clear!

And today for the last day, I can finally see the two big mountain where the Tangariro crossing walkway is waiting for me. I’ll do it!! Later… but I’ll do it for sure!

Since few minutes now I’m following this pipeline. It’s come from or it’s going to the thermal power station. Very shiny tube :-)

One more time, the landscape directly toward the mountains covering of snow.

In the campaign but not lost :-)

Again 10 or 15 km and I will arrive to my destination.

That’s the Whakamaru’s river and its dam. There is a free campsite on the other side of the water but I prefer to go a bit further.

It,s always more pleasant cycling front of a landscape like this. I like this place :-)

Ah no sorry… I liked this place…

I’m now in Mangakino and there is… nothing. Even not any panel to shows the campsite direction. Fortunately my GPS is here to help me : the next road on the right called “lake road”. Easy and logical!

And I’m there :-). There is a wonderful peace of grass and the view, the view is perfect :-)

And there is a “bus café” where we can eat pizza, fish and ships, burgers… tomorrow, is going to rain so if I stay in this place I will have a pizza :-) yes!

I met some guys here and they told me that this place is crowded in summer. I’m lucky because I have it almost for me now ;-)

I have some work to do and the weather is perfect for doing that : clean my chain. For this I need degreaser, paper and patience. I clean every links of the chain to be sure there is no sand anymore. 90$ one chain, longer I keep it… longer I keep it.

There is a little cute WARF to welcome the little boat of this little lake, cool :-)

And it’s good place to read a little story with my little kobo :-)

I don’t know why this picture…

Onto the river there is this old pedal boat. It’s possible to visit or have a look around the lake but certainly in summer time.

I don’t have any television but I can watch sport on channel “nature” during my meal (fish and rice :-)

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  1. What are you reading? The old man and the sea ? I’ve put my texts to Atelier d’Ecriture on Kobo, with calibre. It’s difficult to make a picture and I had used picture already exist in calibre.
    It’s better with sun for your trip, no ?

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