Mangakoni, day off

As the forecast has predicted the rain is with us for the day. So, I won’t move anywhere. There is absolutely nothing to do here. Just stay in my tent, read and eat or eat and read.

Early this morning, I heard the same speaker as yesterday afternoon, the trainer with his team sailors (I don’t know the name “aviron” in English). Since, at least 7am they are on the water. They are more courageous than me or maybe they don’t have the choice :-).

Sometimes I put a nose outside to verified if I can expend myself. Hmm, ouuyes, maybe I could go…

It’s something like 6.30pm and the sky is clearing itself. I can go out of my tent :-). Youhou!

Youhou! Get the towel, suncream, sun glasses! I can buy some sausages and have a BBQ! Ooooh noo… I’m dreaming front of my book, interesting book!

And the sailors are always on the lake! They spend all the day on it! To the left, to the right, left, right. And the guy with his speaker talk to them all the day. I have no idea how he can talk like this and to say what? “Yes. Pedal. Ok. You are moving. Be careful there is water around you. OK. Good. Continue like this. Go straight. Pedal like a butterfly. Yes, like that. Jeremy, stop laughing and go! ALL the day like this even under the rain! But water for water… and there is 3 or 4 team like this: some guys alone, some pair, some groups. Hey guys, Olympics games, you know? It’s finished :-)

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