Taupō, almost day off (35km)

Taupo, almost day off (35km).
This week will be rainy as well but I won’t spend my time in Mcdonald’s, just a few :-). My plan for today : Huka falls, the dam, then swimming pool (to take a good shower), and then Mcdonald’s (to charge my camera).


I had a good sleep even if Frenchies around me talk and talk. But I was so tired… Now it’s 12:25 and everybody has gone already. This morning was raining but now it’s much better. I can start my visit.

After only something 3km i’m already on Huka falls but it’s not the right view.

This is the right view :-) (not me the waterfall)

A panoramic view show the best colours of the water.

That view angle is better to see how huge is this waterfall.

I didn’t remember that but there is a track (Aratiatia rapids walking track)witch join the dam. Always better than the road :-)

No no, I don’t want to come back to the road. Fortunately there is a way under it. Let’s continue!


Roh! There was certainly a forest here… Not anymore…

One of the biggest geothermal station in new zealand.

That’s really better than the road. And I can go fast! So cool!

The landscape change every time.

Finally the dam! I thought it was something bigger but that’s it… A dam…

Another view of the dam. The clouds are coming…

The other side of the river.

I took the same path to come back, passed front of the free camp where I left my tent with the food. Now i’m in Taupo and ready to have a great swim in this pool :-).

Inside there is a sauna end 2 “water tubes”. On the left side it’s possible to go…

… outside. And this is hot water everywhere :-)

There is also a line ways pool.

I found this picture on a door about a pool in Tokyo. I’ve just keep the image but it’s writing this underneath: Tokyo water park
“welcome to breathtaking tokyo water park where you can wash away the pressure and strees of the over crowded city and relax with your friends in the soothing enjoyment of sun, fun and slashing.” Japanese people are crazy!

I was going to McDonald’s when I saw that : The French café. We are everywhere!

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